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Respite Stays

Movement Five offers emergency respite, weekend stays and short term accommodation (STA) to existing and new clients. We understand that some stays may be last minute or without warning, we are committed to being flexible and tailoring what this support looks like based on each participant’s / families needs.

We offer respite out of our house located on a beautiful property in Coolangatta (Shoalhaven Heads) or it can be arranged for the stay to be at an external accommodation site.

An initial introduction as part of our onboarding process ensures the client is the correct fit for our service offerings and to ensure our house is accessible and adequate for their stay and needs.

What Drives Us


Movement Five is committed to offering a welcoming and safe environment that encourages independence, comfort and putting the individual’s wellbeing at the forefront of our support and service.

Our Amenities

What we offer

Fully Furnished House & Bedrooms

2 seperate bathrooms with toilet and showers

3 rooms

Laundry Facilities

Fully Equipped Kitchen

Pizza Oven

Things You Need To Know 

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you cater to for respite stays?

We cater for the same age that we see clients 10-40

Is food provided during the stay?

We have basic food at the house but food for meals is provided by the client either in quote of services or paid out of pocket for their food.

Does accommodation cost to stay at your location?

We do not charge an accommodation fee to stay at our respite location, accommodation is only charged if you want to stay at a different off site location.

Do we provide transport?

Yes, our services provide transport and these costs can be broken down in a quote

Do I need to bring anything?

Anything that will make your stay more comfortable for you. Feel free to check with us

Respite Stays

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